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Pearl PTM Dealer in East Northport, NY

Garment Printer Ink

631-858-0114 502 Larkfield Rd East Northport, NY 11731

We'd like to think we are more than JUST the "best price on the internet for inks and supplies" because we know it takes more than that to earn your business. Let's start with the main product we sell, which is ink.

We only use Dupont™ Artistri™ Ink, the most widely used and proven ink on the market. Some companies in this industry like to say their ink is Dupont™ and unfortunately cost many garment printer owners an enormous amount of grief and money when they find out it's not. We are proud to use and sell only Dupont™ ink, please read the MSDS sheets for our DuPont Ink Specs.

FREE Shipping on orders over $150 can sometimes be over looked, however depending on where you are, this can be comparable to 10% off your order or up to a $35 discount if your current supplier isn't offering this promotion. Free shipping means more money in your pocket...and hopefully another reason GPI can gain your business.

We give you free products for large orders. Order a full set of Liter ink and get 2 FREE liters of Pretreatment or order a full set of Half liter inks and get 1 FREE liter. No other garment printer ink dealer offers this promotion, however we have a saying here...."more ink for less money is more gooder".

We Recycle and and you get FREE INK and all for helping mother earth. This is another exclusive of Garment Printer ink. Buy and use 10 of our GPI cartridges for AnaJet or MelcoJet Printers then return the empty cartridges to redeem your FREE ink cartridge. We have customers who have received hundreds of dollars in FREE ink and at the same time have done the earth proud. We don't reuse the cartridges, they just go back to the manufacturer.

Same day shipping and always in stock is easy to say, but a bit harder to back up. GPI prides ourselves on staying on top of the demand and having the ink and supplies available when you need them. It's our pledge to you because your success is our success. Same day shipping up to 4pm EST.

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